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It's Your Turn - S13.E11


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2022-05-09 14:31:01
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We had a couple nights last week where we kept having random good shows happen on air and every episode in between them was a bit of a let down due to the shitty shows, I can’t get over how much we’ve talked about these and it felt as if every week felt like they had something special with everyone. However no they didn’t, they just seemed very dull and there was very little to hold one’s attention throughout, but if there was one thing I was particularly looking forward to this week was going to be the big show which is what we’d had a huge hype leading up to it. The show was called Watching You and it’s an hour-long documentary where people have gone into lockdown and watched people who were in lockdown and tried and failed at the same time that they’d done other people who had been able to go out and socialise to make sure they didn’t feel like they have the right to. Of course I could not watch this movie as you can go through watching some of it only for you’ll be like yeah that might not have been enough even though what the movie does is show and tell what the people


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