Viza Showgirl leaked video is popular on Twitter dating young men by the sea secretly filing with each other inside the car waiting for dawn Sit and Shake until The Car Shakes.


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2022-05-29 02:33:33
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Viza Showgirl Video Leaked On Twitter: Young Men By the Sea Secretly Dating Each Other in The Car While Waiting for The Sunrise. A week ago, the social media has been flooded with the sensational news that a leaked Viza Showgirl video. The video was of two men (one is Viza Showgirl’s boyfriend) in the car, waiting for the sunrise. The two are doing a quick conversation in the car and the video was taken by a third party (a witness) on the beach. The video was taken at around 2.30am. The incident happened at Nai Harn Beach, on the same day that the Viza Showgirl held a live broadcast on her Instagram account. The live broadcast and the leaked video was all about her boyfriend. In the live broadcast, the Viza Showgirl said that she is “ready for the sunrise” and that she is “getting in a good mood”. The video leaked was about her boyfriend, and the video showed him in the car with her. In the video, they are doing a quick conversation and he is showing her a photo of his girlfriend. The leaked video has since been removed by the social media platform. However, many netizens have not been able to delete the video. The Viza Showgirl’s boyfriend in the leaked video is in fact her ex-boyfriend. The video has since been leaked by someone


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