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Tinder: Real life in real life



2022-05-03 12:11:28
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So, back when I was an awkward young person, which was actually probably before my time, I used to go on tinder and date. Then I found out Tinder is now a dating app, how the hell did I not know that this is where everyone starts off? And then the realisation came. Why am I using the same app with my significant other as if nothing has happened, where is ‘the future me’ and where the hell is my wife who has never liked anything about me but now loves every part of me? Well hello there you filthy little slut, we’ve got some major catching up to do ;) You really are a piece of trash, your friends will tell you. I’m a mess, I know you’ll be judging. Well good because your family are too, they love your shitty side too, they still support ya and want you to try it again. They can see you’re a good girl with a great heart. You know when you say you just want to fuck people in the park but you go and hook up with this friend, a total stranger? You’ll see them all the time. So of course all you want to


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