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The One-Time Effect Will Not Hurt Your Husband


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2022-05-08 20:22:01
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You Will Never Lose Your Husband One Time You will never lose your husband one time because you are a fool to be a lonely woman My heart beats faster thinking about what was said by the poet when he wrote this Your husband is not your husband just because you got a divorce he won’t come back I love to think about my dream man to myself But do I really dream? Do I have to dream of him constantly because I am living in this nightmare world? No! Just because I am a woman it doesn’t mean I am responsible for every men. A man or even a love can choose his life partner like we can choose our friends and our relatives, We can not choose our husbands. Do I know myself enough to be my own love and to choose my life partner? No. So many women out there are searching every day for their heart’s desire. I am one among them! I have learned everything. I am now in need of some guidance to move on from this pain. A lot of things which has happened during these years affect me mentally. The fear of getting married again becomes more powerful when I think about the thought of being alone as well. It


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