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2022-05-08 21:49:31
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I’m having one of the best days and all I can think about is sex. I am a sex junkie but I know that I’m not doing my body a favour by trying to cram it into such a small bed frame. When was the last time I had sex? Last? Fuck, I cannot even remember what day it is or what month it is today, but I know it was last week. I remember feeling tired but full of sexual energy and wanting the experience to last the night. However, just the thought of getting into bed alone after an event makes me feel tired and sore. My vagina has been aching and my breasts are tender, but most disturbing is my skin as it is burning from a million tiny pimples. There is so much I want to say and I want to say it to someone, anyone. No one will respond and I can already picture their disappointment in my predicament. I am sitting at an early morning coffee meeting when this idea pops into my head and I decide I should share what is bugging me. Who would want to hear about my personal details at this time of the day? Not me I guess. But who wouldn’t listen to women.


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