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Two-Wife Couple Taking a Walk in A Parking Lot to Seek Out Many Viologes And Then Fucked By the Cuckold



2022-05-08 22:35:47
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This one is not a typical story but I wanted to share today with you all. It is not going to be a usual story also as this story is very common and has become so common that not everyone would believe me with the fact I am talking about it. But as I have already said — let me show you that this one will be a real experience and not what you are believing today. Today in this post, I can say with certainty that yes — this one can happen to anyone, there are exceptions always. In Italy there are those who can say you can do anything as in one particular neighborhood one of my neighbors is able to kidnap his wife, have sex, make babies, and then, when he has children, he will beat them and make them his slaves. If you have never heard of such practices, I can assure you: It is nothing normal for any one, and for sure, when you understand such stories, then the news gets more interesting, I mean more interesting than you would imagine. With regard to kidnapping and forced prostitution, the majority of young men believe that they can marry anyone they want, there are even cases of men who do forced marriages in Rome.


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