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Releasing Dick from the Neighbor's Couch and Making him semen in My Mouth



2022-05-08 00:59:31
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Dick would not say a word when I arrived at his place, and that is fine, I do not need to make a deal of that fact to him. I just want him to be uncomfortable and be with someone else without me, and here goes the plan, because I’ve got my dick and cunt on my side now. I get off the Metro bus and am walking along with my hand and pussy in the air feeling the wind in the palm of my hand. The weather is so chilly that you always have to step out on the concrete to get some comfort from the elements. As I approach his apartment on the flooring floorboards of the elevator, Dick is sitting on top of his mattress smoking Marlboro and looking up straight at me until I walk in his open room. He was sitting, but then put the cigarettes aside. His door to is wide open, with the light from other rooms shining onto Dick lying there on his floor, looking like an animal. An owl sitting on his stomach, ready for flight, ready to hunt and pounce down on some prey. I walk in slowly like a big, bad guy with my gun pointed out saying something or the other about the state of his house or about


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