Lucky Guy Gets 2babes From His Dreams


2 Girls Please

2022-05-06 00:02:30
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ejaculate in the face

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One of the Luckiest Guys in The World Fucks The 2babes He Dreams This sexy young motherfucker got me into deep end. This little dude had it all and I didn’t do shit about it. I was like “Man bro..I don’t know you. Do I want to fuck you? The first night, I drove him home and we were at a red light. Suddenly he gets out of his car and walks towards me. He was dressed in black from head to toe and all looked sharp. It was one of those cool dark evenings with the sun setting in the sky. I was totally in love with his look and wanted to take him home so bad, but not wanting to get caught by security. But this guy is persistent, his stare is enough to make even the police to look nervous, not knowing they have a guy as hot as me on their hands. That makes them anxious. Not a single cop stepped in a single side of me. In fact I saw them go back to doing what they usually do, check our license plates, looking up the address.. Nothing… No security around but this guy. He came closer and stood next to