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2022-05-28 22:04:29
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Honey Moreno, her Cute and Cute coworker, fall in love with each other under the Sun in Her Big Bedroom. They share their Fantasies and Dreams with each other, until the Day the Sun is Shining Down from Heaven. But, in Her Big Bedroom, Her Big Bed is very Very Very Big, so the Sun is too far away for Her to Reach. Meanwhile, in the Heaven of Her Room, Her Room is very very very Very Big, so the Sun is too far away for Her to Reach. This is how their lives were, in the End. Moreno's Version: It was the Day of the Sun. I was outside my Room, looking for the Sun to come down. I couldn't find it anywhere. I started to walk back home, because I was hungry and wanted to eat. I was lost. I was about to give up, when I found myself standing in front of a door. I went inside. I saw the Big Bedroom. I saw the Big Bed. It was very big. It was huge. It was very big, but I could fit inside it. I was amazed. I was still looking at the Big Bed. I started to get out of it, but the Bed was too big. I couldn't fit out of it. I saw the door, so I went inside. The Bedroom was really big. I saw


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