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2022-05-04 23:30:13
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When things got a little hot the day I graduated college, it dawned on me that it’s going to be an uphill battle. I had graduated from college last year, and my wife had just gotten a promotion and a nice raise, and we were about to lose our house and all our savings in a foreclosure or two by the end of 2007 because they could no longer keep up with all their mortgages. My life before that had been pretty simple and regular, you know. We started out on a farm, the farm was really big so we did a lot with cows and goats and stuff. We used the old fashioned kind of irrigation that ran water over long wooden pipes all over. We raised everything from sweet corn and corn, a lot of fruit trees, a hibiscus, various vegetables, tomatoes, peppers, pumpkins and squash and oh I would not be surprised if I grow tomatoes from seeds if I never eat them. And the rest of my land was mostly cleared for pasture to graze our cattle and stuff because we were going to be raising some small dairy goats or something. So as much land as we had for cattle and crops, we had a bunch of acres of corn and wheat, and we grew what



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