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My Girlfriend's Mom let Me Semen in Her Ass



2022-05-09 19:15:48
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My girlfriend's mother let me semen her ass We had just broken up (that day) for the fifth time. Every break up is an opportunity for both of us to look at each other and say “This was all a big mistake.” But it’s never going to happen again. That’s because that’s what this is all about. Breakups and stuff. It’s just been a while. I got back from my vacation in Thailand where I was with her (and I mean with her mom too. My girlfriend’s dad is really into his own business). We were sitting at my place at her mom’s house, but not at her mom’s house, we were talking at her mom’s place. And it was obvious for anyone who has seen this to know what happened there: the mom let me semen HER ASS. When they (the mom, not me, obviously) would do that it was always in front of the TV. For some reason she was totally not happy when I came in for a visit. At least she never said anything like “Hey, didn’t you say something about letting me see you



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