Female Fake Taxi, Her Ass Gets Fucked and Her Big Boobs Bouncing


Female Fake Taxi

2022-05-09 20:12:28
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“You can tell how well someone knows you just by whether or not you want to hang out.” — Miley Cyrus The woman on the ground, who I hope is a stranger, was a fake taxi driver. Not even pretending to be. She had her hands tied together using one of those plastic things to get a little grip on her legs. My stomach dropped a little when she noticed me watching and said “hi”. “She’s doing okay” I think to myself because you can tell her hands were probably a lot tighter than that plastic thing on her hands that held her legs to her body. “Well, I know where we need to go.” She said with a kind of glee on her face. My ass was already hurting, but seeing a woman get fucked by another woman wasn’t even something I could really put my finger on. It was just…wrong. But the pain was growing to an excruciating level as we drove through this crazy neighborhood that took us somewhere outside our normal routine of just going to pick up a prostitute and getting the hell out. I knew we were getting close to where we needed to


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