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Erito-Hot Japanese Business Babe Fucked hard Gets Large Internal Ejaculation



2022-05-07 18:08:38
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So I was out in LA with some college friends who had the good fortune to know somebody. He gave me a couple of leads on some young Japanese models. There was a small chance that they weren’t gonna be the next big thing — it was a gamble. But that’s always what hot girls do at this point — get themselves into the entertainment business and turn a blind eye toward other people’s success. However, I have to say, it paid off. This chick is fuckin’ hot! And I haven’t even seen this video that everyone is talking about — check it out. Her name is Erito, but let’s call her “she-she” for now, and the one who did the first interview with her? She’s a bit shy… she-she. Anyway, I wanted to give her a heads-up about this new gig; her last video sucked. At least she didn’t take a huge dump on it. I think that’s gonna change though. I hope so! Anyways, in a couple of hours, I was gonna take a look at the new girl and see if I could find another



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