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2022-05-07 18:18:32
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Erito was a beautiful girl, who was in her senior year at high school. The fact that she had a little boy who was only eleven months older than her really made her feel secure and safe in herself and in everything she did. There she was, a beautiful young lady who enjoyed herself with the whole school, while she could, a cute schoolboy, as well, the one she was secretly attracted to when she saw him at her house one day to have a little chat with him, then she walked to the common hall to play pool with a few of her clique friends, after a few drinks by herself, she did a bit more chit chatting with him, while still enjoying herself in all things girly. Then when they got back home Erito was playing out alone in her room, after doing what all girls wish to do there. She had a hard on and a sweet on. Not long after she heard a knock on her door and as always she was surprised and somewhat terrified by whoever had dared to come knocking and she immediately hid from view. In a few minutes however there came the answer to her prayers, of course it would be that someone who had nothing better to do, Erito let you


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