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Crazy Grannies And Toyboys Part 2



2022-05-09 05:20:23
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The first three chapters are very, very good. Not in the way you’d probably think with the title, for example; it’s one of those stories that makes me wonder what made them think to start writing a story. What was that first prompt, for instance, that made them make them write the first story (“A woman in pain with four husbands,” perhaps?); why write about a girl who is in love and at the same time has no desire to get married; or how they came up with the name “Curious Guy.” As soon as I started reading, I knew this would be better than most. I mean, sure it wasn’t great or even very readable for me to begin with, but this could be a great story and I think I have enough information in my head to actually do it justice. I’ll keep the series going at least to the end-I had this idea of going back and starting them when I was less crazy-like, but if anyone else ever wants to write out these books for me, I promise we can write the next three together. The third chapter is just amazing, actually — this thing


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