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2022-05-09 19:53:20
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"I have a hard time talking to guys sometimes but I think it comes from being so awkward with women." — the first thing that pops in mind after hearing that line is : “I am afraid of speaking to girls, right? Wrong. They are too much fun” -but hey maybe her ex should have given his hand a bit to play with that… :) Well here is an "e which was just shared by me with my good friend who came back from Bali and wanted to share something that had touched her heart: “If someone talks to you after what happened to me a 2 years before you, then, in my opinion that is a sign that they really care. You don’t need to say anything more to talk to them; ask them if they are okay, if they need advice or even if there is something you can fix for them. Trust me, no matter how annoying and intrusive that person is, the moment they show they care, whatever that may be, you should give your full attention to helping them. Then all problems disappear from there” — that little "e would sound like a cliche, especially in such a world as today, where almost everything is �


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