A Mare was made by a brother-inlaw for his sister-inlaw



2022-05-25 16:55:45
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A Mare for a Sister-in Law from a Brother-in - ,My sister-in-law Mithali had come to our house. I wanted to fuck him but it was not working. One day my wife went out of the house for some work. I went to the sister-in-law's room and convinced her to fuck. I licked her boobs and her tight pussy. I made him a mare and put my big cock in his pussy and gave him a full fuck. This is a story about a man who loves his wife very much. He loves to take care of her and do everything for her. He makes sure she is happy and also take care of her so that she does not get any illness. One day she gets a very strange illness and goes to the doctor. After a lot of test the doctor says she is pregnant. She is so happy that she says this to her husband. Her husband tells her to keep this a secret and he will not tell anyone about it. He loves his wife very much and does not want anyone to know that she is pregnant. After a few days she tells her husband that she is pregnant. He is happy and he is so much excited. He decides to surprise her by taking her to a spa for a treatment. He calls his friends and tells them that he is going to the spa for a treatment. He comes to the spa and his wife is getting a massage. She comes out


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