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2022-05-09 08:03:44
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The best way to take care of your skin is by taking a walk after working out, taking vitamin supplements twice a day and applying lotion after every shower. Don't skip the after dinner massage. The muscles will thank you the next morning and you will feel better by morning. Don't forget to stretch! Stretching loosens you and relieves the knots in the neck and shoulders. Make sure that you are a little less than 6" away from the phone when you do anything that requires your eyes or a bit of shoulder work. Avoid any eye contact so that your eyes don't strain. Try your new sex toys. If they are a little rough on your skin give them a rub with baby oil, put it on your neck or on the clitoris. It is an important thing to note here as well. You have been told not to put anything there and you know it well. When it comes to eating, you should stick to healthy foods. You should be using a lower carb diet when it comes to sex. Do not go for the fat and sugar content food that you love. A low glycemic diet is a great way to lose weight, increase metabolism, and feel the sexual ecstasy. You


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