After Work Poorly Forgotten Away



2022-05-07 04:37:12
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Hi there. It’s Monday night in the Bay area. I’m sitting in my kitchen at 5am finishing things up before I try calling my girlfriend when my sister walks in the front door wearing this really nice black dress that looks stunning even when she isn’t wearing anything on her arms. She walks in like nothing is wrong. “I’m not gonna make it down until 9am so don’t be mad. I just came to surprise you”. So she basically walked into my life? That shit feels great. This whole thing with her being on the road is really interesting. We are currently together and have been for what feels like forever. Our friendship was never meant to be but I had to be patient because I don’t want everyone else worrying about me having a heart attack one day. All jokes aside it was weird seeing each other after a really long time and there didn’t seem like much to say in return. My girlfriend didn’t really bother about how to respond either. All morning we took her around town, shopping, visiting family. Whatever she needed. Then I saw this girl from school with a dog. There might have been 10, maybe


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