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2022-05-09 18:38:30
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What comes to mind when you hear asshole? All or some of these things- • Scum- • Stupid person who is incapable of giving a damn • Man who doesn’t care • Fool/Idiot/Cruellest of all human being • Cowardly Man • Burden-bearing person • Human being is born an ass • Asshole • Dictator, Tyrant, Milksop • Weakling, Pig • Whoremonger, Lout, Thief Who needs to get laid • Drunk • Gossip Grrl • A piece of shit whose life sucks • Slut • Idiot • Shithead who needs to be made better • Bullshitter • Cunt • Piece of shit, fucker, punk, ass hat, or whatever a cocksucker is called • You know • Someone who is easily pissed off • I said I’m here for a fucking reason (you know…because of the assholes) • Bastard, Ass • Whiner (usually used negatively) • People who will try and make your job or life difficult What will come to mind if


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