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I have never had to mate with a significant other.



2022-05-08 09:27:54
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I’ve never given significant other much sperm. I had my first child through adoption and my last child through in vitro creation and was always trying to conceive after that but with the age of technology that is almost possible, I never really felt the need anymore. Until I started working a summer job for about a years ago, I have been working in the healthcare setting where women have been calling for my sperm. At this point, they only had the option of ordering it from another office that provides in vitro creation. In essence for me, there was no other choice if I wanted more people to continue to have offspring or at least wanted the ability to have children in the future without having to rely on someone else. I guess the biggest thing is how difficult it is to find donor sperm nowadays. I do have a few friends who are very supportive of my infertility issues and in addition to the help my husband, a long-time friend of mine was able to provide to get the ball rolling on my sperm journey. My sperm went back into storage earlier this year, and it was the best decision I could have made. But what truly got my wheels turning was the day after this happened. A random woman I barely spoke to


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