ADULT TIMES Transfixed: Doctor. Dee Examines Khloe Ka


Adult Time

2022-05-08 10:29:47
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ADULT TIME Transfixed By Doctor. Dee Examines Khloe Cay Hush… Khloe, I can’t tell you about this but I want to know about how bad a day is so that you can tell me that it’s perfect and good. Is anything really good, it’s just a few things I have done so it’s not my only time. Dee looks up and sighs… she feels her body relax and she doesn’t like feeling tense, not this much, she should feel light at ease that she’s not on the floor under a bunch of girls but Khloe she’s in another galaxy. She sits on her bed looking off into space. She’d been at the hospital for a couple days the one place where she felt at peace, now, not so much. She hears the nurses at the entrance to her room as they walk by with the papers on their backs. Her face shows her irritation and annoyance as does every other patient she speaks to that morning… her eyes get wide as everyone stops and looks around at the people behind her. She looks down on the ground and away to a wall