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2022-05-09 06:20:25
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ynyk ynyk The First Post Of 2017 I have decided to put out a post a week about something that is on my mind. You could use the title of any post but really if the title doesn’t get you interested in reading the content, then don’t watch the video (I am the worst video creator). I have also decided to only cover music that has been released this year (2017) rather than make up things I wish were released more then, let’s see what comes out. I don’t mind if you don’t follow me. In fact i’d appreciate it. Please feel free to follow along as I will try and be as honest as possible in explaining to everybody how much I care about writing. On the other side i am not so fond of putting myself under peoples aegies. This means i won’t put anything into here that I would like to keep private and if anything at all controversial is on this list. So no shit that will be censored. Also please be respectful when you listen to/see me talking. I’m actually pretty good at reading your body language and i know some pretty funny things


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